Thursday, December 2, 2010

Commune no. 9


Mustache Music Vol.1 - Compilation CD

Cafe Mustache and Commune Records have teamed up to bring you 16 great Chicago bands and Musicians. All of the tracks on this compilation are songs from artists that are featured for sale at Cafe Mustache. In essence it is a mix CD of great local talent but it also show cases the strength and variety of friends and community with in the Chicago Music scene. Immerse your self in over an hour of Chicago music. Limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at Cafe Mustache in Chicago and through mail oder.Makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Release Date: Sat. Dec.4th 2010

Bands/Tracks on Compilation:
  1. Angel Olson - My Last Date With You (Skeeter Davis Cover)

  2. John Bellows - Traveler's Shoes

  3. Esoteric Tapioca - To-Do List

  4. Darling – Heart Attack

  5. State Champion – Thanks Given

  6. Velcro Lewis Group – The Oven's On

  7. Giving Up - inlaws? more like outlaws

  8. The Multicolored Mirrors – Grave Robbers

  9. Animal City – Cracker Jacket

  10. Wishgift- Pretty Jenny

  11. Rabble Rabble – Doubt It

  12. Geffika – Relativity

  13. Dark Fog – Surrounds

  14. The Great Society Mind Destroyers – Temple Lurker

  15. Plastic Crimwave Sound - Crash Mob City Hades

  16. Netherfriends - Bret Easton Ellis Novel


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