Friday, August 19, 2011

Commune no. 13


The mysterious men of Dark Fog get down on some deep grooves with Drug Portal:Heavy Dilemma. On their first full length release with bassist/vocalist Matt Ginsberg, the group explores all sorts of new territory mixing improvised jam sessions and texturally rich rockers. Dark Fog has mastered something most psych bands forget to include in their vocabulary: dynamics. They optimize this skill effortlessly on the epic centerpiece "Sky Opening a Thousand Times Slowburn" moving from floating choruses, mind bending destruction, reversed guitar madness and bass meditation. The overall bass-drum connection on this album creates the cosmic paradox of being locked in and tight but laid back and grooving like the best of funk and soul. Limited to 100 cassettes with full color j-card insert.






Monday, March 7, 2011

Commune No. 12

Rodeo - Sarcastic Summer

Do you believe in destiny? Well, now you do because there's no other way to explain the formation of Rodeo. Two kids, Jordan Sirven and Richald Giraldi, attending college in New Orleans and bonding over Sonic Youth t-shirts, seemed so right for each. But later, each went their own way until fate reunited them in Chicago. From there, musical endeavours were forged and broken until drummer George Nisbett joined the fold. Thus, Rodeo was born. Destiny.

Rodeo's love of early indie rock and alternative is quite evident in their sound as is the tension between Sirven's lo-fi experimental side and Giraldi's heavier one. Rodeo is a band that dares you to hate them. It's abrasive and sarcastic. It's got the dissonant guitar sound of the Sonic Youth, but the I-don't-give-a-shit mojo of Bleach-era Nirvana. Add to that Sirven's manic vocals, and you've got something damn special that bridges the gap from when alternative was an alternative to something to where we sit today.

After much gigging, the band are poised to force their aptly named "Sarcastic Summer" EP onto the unsuspecting public. Mixed by Bart Pappas of Holodeck Studios and mastered by Peter Andreadis (White Mystery, Baby Teeth), the EP is five songs of non-stop fuck yous. You'll want to hate it, but you'll just being playing right into Rodeo's hands. Rodeo doesn't give a shit, but it's about time you do.

- Ross Meyerson (Writer, Defender of True Metal, Rodeo Believer)

Release Date: 03/15/2011


CD $5

Commune No. 11

Rabble Rabble -
Live from the Giant System Presents show at The Empty Bottle 11.05.2010

Rabble Rabble is best experienced live. A fact widely know through out the city of Chicago. Their high energy psychedelic punk rock translates best inside the mosh pit. But for those that fear psychical injury or simple do not live in Chicago, the garage rock quartet brings the experience to you via CD.
Recorded live during the Giant System showcase at the Empty Bottle on November 5th 2010, this 11 song set is a crash course into the world of Rabble Rabble. Featuring songs of their debut LP "Bangover" like "Doubt It" and "$300 Hoodie" as well as previously unreleased jams and songs like "Fox Trot" and "Dusk". This live CD spans Rabble Rabble's past, present and future.
Full of band antics and banter on top of crowd yells and screams you can practically taste the PBR in your mouth and smell the sweaty crowd. Limited to 100 copies with hand screened covers this release is sure to go quick.

Release Date: 03/12/2011


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Commune no. 10

Learner Dancer - Drop Out

This duo from Indianapolis, Indiana presents you with a ticket, a ticket for a ride to the center of the haze. From the first reverb heavy vocal line to last of the spaced out guitar work this album takes you places. The trancing journey soars through drum machines, synth sounds, echo, fuzz and more fuzz held afloat by driving repetitive bass lines and rhythmic percussion. Which launch the listener on a free fall down a dark bottomless pit.
Self recorded at their practice space this first glimpse at Learner Dancer leaves us waiting for more.

Available on CD with Printed covers and hand screened CDs in Vinyl sleeves. Limited to 100

Released on Thursday Feb. 3rd

Check out Learner Dancer Here:


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Commune no. 9


Mustache Music Vol.1 - Compilation CD

Cafe Mustache and Commune Records have teamed up to bring you 16 great Chicago bands and Musicians. All of the tracks on this compilation are songs from artists that are featured for sale at Cafe Mustache. In essence it is a mix CD of great local talent but it also show cases the strength and variety of friends and community with in the Chicago Music scene. Immerse your self in over an hour of Chicago music. Limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at Cafe Mustache in Chicago and through mail oder.Makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Release Date: Sat. Dec.4th 2010

Bands/Tracks on Compilation:
  1. Angel Olson - My Last Date With You (Skeeter Davis Cover)

  2. John Bellows - Traveler's Shoes

  3. Esoteric Tapioca - To-Do List

  4. Darling – Heart Attack

  5. State Champion – Thanks Given

  6. Velcro Lewis Group – The Oven's On

  7. Giving Up - inlaws? more like outlaws

  8. The Multicolored Mirrors – Grave Robbers

  9. Animal City – Cracker Jacket

  10. Wishgift- Pretty Jenny

  11. Rabble Rabble – Doubt It

  12. Geffika – Relativity

  13. Dark Fog – Surrounds

  14. The Great Society Mind Destroyers – Temple Lurker

  15. Plastic Crimwave Sound - Crash Mob City Hades

  16. Netherfriends - Bret Easton Ellis Novel


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Commune no. 8

THE MULTICOLOURED MIRRORS - Last Jam Before Thailand CD-R (Commune no.8)

The prolific SEA GREEN conjures up the dirtiest grimiest rock n' roll possible knowing this is his last chance (at least for a year) to release such primal roars before his travels take him away. But these are not thepleas of a desperate man. No! These songs are about living hard and living free. Good for smoking and drinking!
Recorded as live as possible. Limited to 50 CD-Rs in plastic sleeves with colored papersleeves and insert.

Currently available exclusively at
Or by mail order.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Commune no. 7

GSMD/DARK FOG - Split 7" (Commune no.7)
(*this is a joint release w/Galactic Zoo Disk)

Two of Chicago's heaviest psych rock groups join together to make this killer 7" spilt. Both tracks recorded by Ray Donato of Dark Fog, the A side features an amped up version of the GSMD's crowd favorite "Divinorum" with tripped out vocal layering and raw guitar ripping. The B side gets even farther out with Dark Fog's "Space" really reaching for the stratosphere but also bringing a grooved out thump yet to be explored by these heads. Also this is the first of Dark Fog's output staring mega-groovin bassist Matt Ginsberg. Limited to 300 7" 45s with color copied sleeves and b&w copied insert.

Or By Mail Order